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Treating Trauma, Depression, Stress, Anxiety - Master George Dangel Exclusive Teachings

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Master George Dangel's Exclusive Teachings.

How to heal like a Master Healer.



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***Prerequisites for this course Level 1/2/3 Pranic Energy Healing. 

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"I'm too excited & blown away not to share this. I attended Paul's course on Sunday where he shared some of George Dangel's method's on Invocations. Yesterday I put into practice what I had learnt. My mum developed shingles on her face & scalp. It has been very painful & she's not one to take meds. This morning my mum called me & told me the pain has gone, she feels different and had a good night's sleep without having to take pain relief during the night. Just wow!!! This method of healing is next level & as Paul mentioned, this course will pay for itself over & over again. I'm so stoked that this is going to take my capacity to heal to a whole other level. Thanks so much for sharing this Paul. I can't wait for the next course"

Adelle Gauci, Sunshine Coast, 2022




These teachings are the same powerful techniques that Master George used and showed a small number of students in his Brisbane clinics. Not publicly known, beyond the normal Pranic Energy Healing course content, this information is at a much, much higher level. Producing even more extraordinary and reliable results.


Master George Dangel was an incredible healer, saving lives, reversing incurable conditions, and producing miraculous results were regular events in his clinic.


There is currently a small number of people that were trained by George. The purpose of this course is to get the information out to more people so they can see similar incredible healing results. 



Course 2 (10th Nov):

Treating Depression, Trauma, Obsession, Stress, Irritability (and more!)

Using the same highly-effective techniques from George's playbook to eliminate Depression, Trauma, Obsession, Stress, Irritability and more in as little as one treatment. 

Energetically when we experience intense negative emotion over a long period of time these negative events and feelings imprint on our chakras and over time become a huge problem for our emotional well-being. Trauma ends up like a 'scratched record' in our energy system, playing over and over again in our daily lives until resolved. Georges's powerful techniques help 'smooth out' these scratches in our energy body. 

These techniques can be applied for yourself or your clients. 



Course participants must have completed a minimum of Pranic Energy Healing Level 3 with us and be familiar with the information and have practised some treatments. 

Be ready: This course will be more fast-paced than others and the speed of the work we do is quicker. 



These courses are spread out over a number of courses. A student may drop into whichever course they like, however, maximum benefits are from attending all. 



What is in the courses?

  • YOU will be given more advanced techniques of Pranic Energy Healing- as Master George taught.
  • Go deeper in understanding the energy body to more accurately assess energy centres, as well as different areas of the body and its organs.
  • Be given a higher understanding of the use of colours to produce quick and miraculous results.
  • You will be given fast methods to remove negative unwanted qualities from the subconscious mind and from the subtle energy bodies of the client.
  • Class 1 = You will be given direct instructions on the ‘Horne’ opening Invocation.
  • Class 2 = You will be given Master George’s own techniques to treat trauma, obsession, anxiety, depression and more (super reliable!)
  • Class 3 = You will be given methods of eliminating Parasites, Viruses, Funguses and Bacteria in the body
  • & Much, much more …



After this workshop, YOU will immediately and successfully be able to perform miraculous treatments at a higher level producing even more extraordinary and reliable results for yourself or your clients!



Workshop Details: 

Date: 10th November 2024 

(students may drop into whichever course they like, however, maximum benefits are from attending all) 

Time: 9:30 - 3:30 (approximately)

Location: Bli Bli, Queensland 




*Early Bird (available until two weeks prior to each course date) USE CODE 'GEORGEEARLYBIRD' FOR $29 OFF 




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Learning with us

  • "Panic Energy Healing has become apart of our lives now. Paul is a great healer, teacher and now has become a great friend and we are truly grateful and blessed. Thank you, Paul."

    Brian, Dalby