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Heart Healing & Resilience

Pranic Energy Healing – Level 1
August 10, 2019
September 13, 2019

Heart Healing & Resilience

Date(s) - 16/06/2019
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Heart Healing & Resilience



Gold Coast, Sunday 16th 2pm – 3.30pm (Soup served after the event)





‘Heart Warming’ is to fill a heart with love, care, joy through generosity. Caring for others often comes naturally – what about caring for ourselves?



This event is about filling your heart…… so you can easily enjoy life with a smile.


‘Open your Heart to Healing’

Let’s be honest life is not always easy, we sometime feel bogged, down and depressed by all the worries, concerns, and responsibilities in our life. You know how it can be…..and yet we know were supposed to enjoy life!!



What the missing link? Why is it that sometimes we’re on top and sometime not? This is what you will explore and experience in a tangible way at this event…




What people are saying about these events –


“Fantastic Healing and Meditation Sessions! I was most impressed by the peaceful environment Paul effortlessly creates”


“I attended one of Paul’s Group Healing Meditation sessions last month, during that session I was able to fall into a deep peaceful centred place and I was able to better understand and release some emotions and trauma which had been holding me back, I left the session feeling lighter, full of clarity and joy.”



This powerful event is more that just a workshop..


*Paul performs energy healing both with the group
*Guiding you within to invoke healing at a deep level to ensure you receive what is needed in your life at this time.
*We include movement, meditation and energetic healing for individual and group needs.
*Meditation in groups amplifies the energy many times, increasing the benefits for everyone.
*Creating good health and healing with ease, you will enjoy the experience of shifting energy blocks to love, abundance, joy, health and more.





In the spirit of generosity we are including a HEART WARMING SOUP in the price!


Bookings are closed for this event.

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