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Inspired Action & Energetic Success

October 16, 2021
Awaken the Light Within You
November 28, 2021

Inspired Action & Energetic Success

Date(s) - 10/10/2021 - 17/04/2022
12:00 am


Starts October 10th – 6.30pm- 9pm (Zoom call)

-calls will be available to view after the event, however it is recommenced to attend live to maximise the down pouring of energy

The Science of Creating Success through the Energy Body.

“Paul has been so helpful getting myself, my health, and my business back on track “
Laura, the Business owner (Brisbane)

“I felt much more in control, I could see things with more clarity “
Gerry De Jong, the Business owner (Sunshine Coast)

“All the courses and the healing session deliver what it is advertising and more.”
Zsofi, Business Owner (Sunshine Coast)



As we already know healing can happen quickly and sometimes instantaneously when applied through Energy Technology.

However, too many healers are not able to transfer the ability to heal others into the ability to have a successful healing practice – so they work in other careers – not feeling fulfilled – and helping a smaller amount of people.



The purpose of this course is to offer you energy techniques that will change, strengthen, and enhance your Energy Body into the strongest carrier of your Soul’s desire to help and offer to heal to others.

You will be able to see inner and outer obstacles in your life – then how to heal and remove them. So you can easily manifest a successful Healing Practice and make good money.



You will be given the techniques to create success and prosperity both spiritually & materially, to remove self-sabotaging thoughts, poverty consciousness, pessimism, self-doubt, fear of failure & other blocks in your aura and chakras.

We’ll share the tools that we have used to double our business 3 years in a row while continually spending LESS on advertising & doing LESS marketing.



‘In giving we receive – use the success strategy of nature’

What’s in the course?

  • Working together as a group to boost each other’s success energy.
  • Highlighting trauma and its slowing down of success
  • Grounding – the all-important and vital role of succeeding in the material plane
  • Red energy and finances
  • Business Healing and relationship healing
  • Forgiveness – the fast track to success
  • Laughing Buddha at our problems
  • Excuses don’t make a difference in our life – integrity (honesty) makes something whole
  • Creating through with the power of the Word
  • Law of Attraction – focus on what you want – and what is working
  • Reprogramming your thought forms
  • Your Soul is your guide – the Will to Do Good
  • The strong emotion is the foot on the gas pedal
  • Changing your mental and emotional states
  • Transforming a should into a must
  • Changing your standards
  • Opening the channels for success
  • Thinking about what your clients want – and what you can give them from the heart.

Is this course for me?

YES – if you are willing to commit to doing the work presented and you feel a deep draw to Heal as a profession or implement it into your workplace – If you want to be a part of an ‘upward spiral’ of empowering others and yourself, this can be the course for you.

How do I take part?

The whole course is held over a 6 month period

Each month you will attend an interactive zoom call which will be theory and practice – much the same as attending a Pranic workshop.

There will also be access to private video tutorials enhancing and clarifying the topics covered in the live events, available anytime.


What students are saying…

“My wife and I have been extremely busy with full-time jobs and setting up our new business. Finding at times run down with overload…Paul came into our lives when we needed him, boosting our energy levels, mindset, and giving us our motivation” Brain, Business Owner

“I totally recommend to people who have experience with energy work or not, you will not be disappointed” Elina, Therapist




What’s the cost? (Please note these prices will not be this low again)

(Available with payment plan)


Basic $447

  1. Monthly Live events
  2. Video courses
  3. Exercises to build and develop an Aura of Success
  4. Group workshops to excel



Premium $990

  1. Monthly Live events
  2. Video courses
  3. Exercises to build and develop an Aura of Success
  4. Group workshops to excel
  5. One on One development sessions (x4)
  6. Personal or Business Healing
  7. Highly Energised tools for Success and Prosperity
  8. Lifetime access to Energy Technology of Business Management

(Total cost of Premium package if bought individually would normally come to over $1800…thats a saving of  over $800!)


Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Basic Package$447.00

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