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June 16, 2019
August 24, 2019


Date(s) - 13/09/2019 - 15/09/2019
12:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Mantra Hotel


Understanding “The Path to Arhatship”


The word “Arhat” is an ancient term which means a person has become a
Saint, Paramahamsa, a Wali, or a highly Developed Being

-Extracted from



Practitioners who decide to walk on this Compassionate Path to Universal Knowledge & Wisdom – may experience a tremendous downpouring of Spiritual Energy.



This occurs when a complete System for Spiritual
Practices (or Sadhana in Sanskrit) is regularly followed.

When a Practitioner consciously begins to partake of different types of
systematic Practices, this leads to Soul Development and they come to The Path to Arhatship.


Spiritual Practices lead to discovering:



– The Fundamental causes of our Internal Suffering can be transformed
into Inner Peace, Joy and Reconciliation – in both one’s personal and
professional life.


– Practitioners may more easily release their Illusion – that Worldly
matters and objects are Permanent. They realize Everything is
Transitory – All in life is subject to Change.


– This permits the Practitioner to become serenely filled with a deeper
level of Understanding and Acceptance – of the events that transpire
in their daily lives.


– Practitioners may finally reach a State of Inner Stillness and Peace –
and will feel a reduction in their Emotional Turmoil including Stress –
thereby allowing a greater degree of Flow in their lives.


– Practitioners may also find a deeper sense of Appreciation for the
Abundance in their own lives – particularly when they strive to
“Serve” less fortunate people who are in need of help.



Spiritual Practice on The Path to Arhatship can rapidly accelerate the
Development of one’s Body, Mind and Soul.


We are looking forward to sharing with you more Light from the Great
Spiritual Teachers and Masters – who’s Treasure Teachings compose what
The Institute for Inner Sciences calls, “The Path to Arhatship”.




Dates – 13th – 15th September

Times – Registration 10am Friday

9am to 8pm Saturday

9am to 5pm Sunday

Venue Location – TBA, Sunshine Coast

Price for course – $499 

Early bird discount – $449



Mantra Hotel are offering a discounted room rate for ‘The Path to Arhatship’ participants.


Airb’n’b may offer good value accommodation close by.






Prerequisites to attend

Pranic Energy Healing Level 1 or The Technology of Feeling Subtle Energies.


**Please note- 1st time ‘Path to Arhatship’ students MUST submit an TPA application form 2 weeks PRIOR to 13th September.**




Any questions? Please contact us directly by email



Bookings are closed for this event.

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