Learn Pranic Energy Healing with Workshops on Sunshine Coast


  • Brian, Dalby
    Panic Energy Healing has become apart of our lives now. Paul is a great healer, teacher and now has become a great friend and we are truly grateful and blessed. Thank you, Paul.
    Brian, Dalby

Pranic Energy Healing Workshops Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast

Pranic Energy workshops will teach you how to perform miraculous pranic energy treatments immediately and successfully. By working on the subtle energy system (aura) and chakras to create a transformation in the body, emotions and mind.

You will learn the techniques to actually feel the energy body and the chakras. It is your choice how to use this information. We may want become healers or use it to become more effective with a type of therapy we currently employ; or we may use it to reduce the stress in our lives and see our bad decisions more easily. We may use it to create more wealth & health in our lives. We may use it to advance spiritually and to become better people.

Learning Pranic Energy Healing gives you the ability to effectively treat the ailments and disorders of those that need help. This might be your family, friends, colleagues, clients or even yourself. Pranic Energy Healing shares ancient knowledge and tells us how to live with more ease, how different energy affect us and our lives, how to progress with greater ease, and live in harmony with ourselves and others.

Energy technology for business management

This unique workshop allows participants to break free from traditional approaches to business challenges.

Awaken the Light within You

Have you ever longed to reach an inner state of inner calmness and peace? Have you ever wondered how you can escape from the emotional agitation or turmoil within you or around you?

Brain Power Workout

Are your elderly parents forgetful and unable to remember when they paid their last utility bill? Are your children receiving high marks or are their exam scores a constant concern?

Feeling Subtle Energies

For centuries natural healers and others have used their hands to feel or scan various kinds of energies.

  • Maria Dangel
    Paul, you are a great presenter. People like the way you give the information and it makes it easy to learn.
    Maria Dangel

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Level 1 is the starting point of your journey. Many are taking this step to have the energy they wish to have. Changing our energy is a ‘key’ to changing our life.

In these modern times nearly everywhere we look and turn we are confronted by stress, negativity and illness, from the pressures of work and making ends meet, caring for families, relationship problems as well as the assault of negativity from the media and TV.

All of this can be healed…..

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient art and science that has been highly refined, de-mystified and modernized.

These types of energy techniques were only known by great Spiritual Masters and Teachers and taught to their most trusted disciples. Until recent times these secrets were closely guarded and never revealed to the general public.

You can learn these Ancient Secrets through Pranic Energy Healing with easy to learn techniques that can be applied to yourself or others.

“Course was amazing, more than I expected” ​ – Esther Goldinger

You’ll build upon your skills by learning how to work more with the power of the chakras and the distilled colour prana essences that accelerate healing even further:

Also learn how to apply Pranic Energy Healing to your finances, farms and gardens, fuel for enhanced fuel economy, how to treat your work environment.
Pranic Energy Healing level 2 is not just twice as powerful than level 1… ...it’s 10 -20 times more powerful!

“This is an excellent course and cleverly staged out to increase the learning and confidence to become an active healer !!” - A. Baguley

This unit provides you with the ability to release old conditioning and belief patterns as well as negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anger, and resentment that may be limiting you from your greater potential.

During the workshop you will get detailed knowledge of the chakras, the way they affect our the behavior to obtain an in-depth understanding of ourselves.

You will also learn powerful concepts, principles and techniques for healing the emotions and the psyche; as well as how to create Energy shields to protect your Peace of Mind and avoid the negative effects of negative thoughts aimed towards us and others taking our energy.

“Boosting our energy levels, mindset, and giving us our motivation .. Panic Energy Healing has become apart of our lives now. Paul is a great healer, teacher and now has become a great friend and we are truly grateful and blessed. Thank you Paul.” - Brian Harms

This course teaches you to protect yourself and loved ones from psychic attacks, negative intentions, malicious entities and energetic pollution that may otherwise affect us.

Just as in the morning you stand up and wear Clothes to protect your Body - in the same way you can cover your Energy Body.

Protect yourself!

Learn how to Shield and Protect yourself from the whirl-wind of Thoughts and Emotions that can have a negative effect on us.

“I came across Paul and Golden Crown Healing online at an extremely difficult period of my life.
I have since done Paul's courses so that i may be able to use it to do some of my own physical and energetic maintenance. The courses expand one to the other nicely and i feel that i can take more responsibility for my own care now.” - Brett Rosen ​

This is a fascinating course. It is not New Age stuff. The crystal has a consciousness, which can be directed to produce dramatic results.

You will learn how to harness the power of one of Mother Earth's most precious gifts, crystals and gemstones, which you can use to enhance your healing ability, spirituality and prosperity

You will learn how to properly use crystals as tools that greatly enhance your healing abilities and to protect your own energies..

Work as a group to super-charge the energy of your crystals

This is a fun course & many people's favourite!