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Golden Crown Healing Meditation and Healing Events are held to clear emotional & mental limits and blocks. We guide people to accessing their own inner wisdom and healing. This allows for a powerful shift of negative energy and makes way for fresh energy to manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

These powerful evenings are more than just a meditation.

  • I attended one of Paul's Group Healing Meditation sessions last month, during that session I was able to fall into a deep peaceful centred place and I was able to better understand and release some emotions and trauma which had been holding me back, I left the session feeling lighter, full of clarity and joy.
  • Fantastic Healing and Meditation Sessions! I was most impressed by the peaceful environment Paul effortlessly creates

Through focusing on forgiving and letting go we are able to alleviate feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, anger and resentment.

  • Paul performs energy healing both with the group and individually.
  • Guiding you within to invoke healing at a deep level to ensure you receive what is needed in your life at this time.
  • These events are designed to bring about healing and empowerment on all levels.
  • We include movement, meditation and energetic healing for individual and group needs.
  • Meditation in groups amplifies the energy many times, increasing the benefits for everyone.
  • Creating good health and healing with ease, you will enjoy the experience of shifting energy blocks to love, abundance, joy, health and more.

The planetary meditation for peace

Help us share peace, harmony and loving kindness with the world.

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