Pranic Energy Healing Courses Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast

Level 1

Level 1 is the starting point of your journey. Many are taking this step to have the energy they wish to have. Changing our energy is a ‘key’ to changing our life.

In these modern times nearly everywhere we look and turn we are confronted by stress, negativity and illness, from the pressures of work and making ends meet, caring for families, relationship problems as well as the assault of negativity from the media and TV.

All of this can be healed…..

Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient art and science that has been highly refined, de-mystified and modernized.

These types of energy techniques were only known by great Spiritual Masters and Teachers and taught to their most trusted disciples. Until recent times these secrets were closely guarded and never revealed to the general public.

You can learn these Ancient Secrets through Pranic Energy Healing with easy to learn techniques that can be applied to yourself or others.

“Course was amazing, more than I expected” ​ – Esther Goldinger