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Pranic Energy Healing Level 2

  • Rikki
    "I Love this course and can’t wait to implement the new information"


This Energy Healing Course takes your healing energy to a completely different level….different level....

It is not twice as powerful as Level 1 - more like 10-20 times more powerful. The techniques given in this workshop no only give you access to much more powerful energies, they also speed up the healing many times. Which means YOU performing easier, quicker & more effective treatments -

Pranic energy healing level 2 is for those who wish to increase their knowledge and gain a broader understanding of energy and its applications.

This level gives a practitioner advanced techniques to professionalise their skills through the application of colour energy treatments.

What students say about our courses:

'I get so much out of these workshops & growth to come into my life' - Kristen

'Highly recommended. Life transforming, skilfully and joyfully facilitated' -Monique

In this course you will learn how to;

  • Magnify your ability to feel energy
  • Evaluate the energy centre in a new and deep way, unlocking much more information
  • Understand coloured energy and the powerful techniques to transform energies with it
  • Gaining deeper understanding of the energy centres and energy body to take your work to the next level
  • Project and Clean with colour energy
  • Dive deeper into understanding prayer and meditation
  • More powerful Self Healing techniques
  • What Divine or Spiritual Energy is and how to use it effectively
  • Practically apply Coloured Energy for various needs
In this workshop practitioners will learn to more DEEPLY UNDERSTAND that energy technology is not based only on the movement of the hands nor should their knowledge be limited to a simple understanding of proper energy flow.

Regular spiritual practice gives the practitioner a CLEAR SHARP MIND which assists in clarifying their intention to utilise and project the correct frequency of subtle energy, the correct tone of coloured energy, and the proper quantity or dose of the coloured energy they wish to project.

Coloured energies are used to increase the vibration of a client’s energy information field, of an energy centre, or of a certain area in a client’s life.
Imbalances may rapidly be shifted into free flowing energy. This will allow for rapid transformation and revitalisation of the client’s energy system.

The advanced techniques provided assist a practitioner to more accurately assess the energy field, energy centres, as well as different areas of the body and its organs.

Practitioners learn how to rapidly determine if unwanted energy connections are present in a client’s energy system. These cords whether permissible or impermissible, may be rapidly removed from the client’s energy field during a treatment.

Practitioners will learn to use spiritual healing, invocative treatments and ancient divine healing techniques energy hygiene for practitioners is emphasised and explained.

This Workshop is an extension of Level 1

Practitioners may upgrade their knowledge and understanding of energy treatments through the presentation of this comprehensive new information.

Innovative treatments utilising subtle energy may be easily applied and the practitioner is  able to produce a predictable positive outcome.

During this two-day workshop, fundamental concepts are imparted. This allows for an upgrading and amplification of a practitioner’s ability to utilise subtle energy through their enhanced understanding of the High Potency and power of coloured energies.

  • Maria Dangel
    Paul, you are a great presenter. People like the way you give the information and it makes it easy to learn.
    Maria Dangel

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