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Relationship Healing


"Myself and my family cannot believe the positive change in our family unit in such a short time. We all feel the best we have felt In many years." -Jason

"Thank you so much for helping me and my family to live a happier, healthier and lighter." -Emmaliegh

"I've been able to let things go and not stew about my partner"- Anthea 


Are you in a Relationship?

Want to be IN a relationship? 

Interested in how to HEAL a relationship?


All relationships are based on an exchange of energy

Many of our relationships are affected by emotional pain. Emotional Healing is a very important part of anyone wanting to have fulfilling and positive relationships. Often the most intimate relationships are what need the most help.


Negative emotional imprints affect our relationships and unwanted patterns of negative behaviour are played out unless dealt with. These treatments work at removing the negative imprints and trauma of the past leaving us free to act in an open and loving way and to receive love.

This class is to learn how Pranic Energy Healing for relationships works. You also learn to gain emotional stability & clarity  


What’s in the course?

  • Advanced Pranic Energy Healing Relationship Healing technology, for powerful shifts 
  • Clarity on emotions and positive feedback 
  • Remove negativity and trauma, freeing you to act in an open and loving way
  • Outstanding (new) communication to be heard and understood 
  • Understanding 3 key aspects of relationships - equality, communication, trust 


YOU will be able to immediately and successfully conduct a relationship healing treatment to create a successful and loving relationship for yourself, your loved ones or your clients


Please note this course is available to Level 3 practitioners and above. 

For more information, please contact us at 

Early Bird Discount Available until Two Weeks Prior to the Course! - USE THE CODE: RELATIONSHIPEARLYBIRD 

Booking Policy any changes or cancellations to the date of your booking incur a $12 admin fee.


Relationship Healing : How to

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Learning with us

  • "Panic Energy Healing has become apart of our lives now. Paul is a great healer, teacher and now has become a great friend and we are truly grateful and blessed. Thank you, Paul."

    Brian, Dalby

Level 1 - Pranic Energy Healing