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Awaken the Light Within You - How to meditate on the Higher Soul

"I left the session feeling lighter, full of clarity and joy." - Chris 

This is a transformational meditation workshop held over one day.

It is open to the public and all levels of experience are welcome.


Ever longed to reach an inner state of inner calmness and peace?

Or wondered how to escape from emotional agitation?

Do you wish to release the procession of constant negative thoughts or repetitive thought patterns going around like a broken record?

The practice of Awaken the Light allows all people to send loving energy to every person and every being.

This powerful energy radiates out into the world and when one sends light, hope and divine strength to others they are entitled to receive back some of the qualities you are projecting to others.

When practised regularly you will be filled with divine light. Your heart energy and your ability to love yourself as well as others will increase. You will be filled with light and internal peace and stillness.


When we change our inner state our outer surroundings tend to change.

This simple practice benefits both the practitioner and all people and all beings (including the animals) within a certain radius.

Through millions of people becoming internally peaceful, our world will transform.

Great spiritual teachers have taught that in this way, through the group effort of projecting love, caring, positive thoughts, and emotions to all others without exception, we may reach world peace.


Ignite Your Soul


When we reach a state of inner stillness, there may be a moment when we experience a sensation like a gentle but intense internal explosion. We may become suddenly aware of an intense degree of oneness with our souls, with God, Universal Energy and with all. When this happens the person symbolically speaking moves through a gateway that unlocks a deeper understanding of the subtle inner worlds, as well as spiritual truths including incarnation, karma, clairvoyance, and ultimately spiritual liberation. They may experience many levels of universal truths while on the path to illumination.

In ‘Awakening the Light Within You’ the student learns simple techniques that readily allow them to move through this gateway into the blissfulness of divine oneness.

To reach this state a short simple series of teachings and techniques are given. 

Through regular practice generally, practitioners develop greater compassion and their willpower and energy level is substantially increased.

They become better channels for the divine light, love & power.

Please join us for this Transformational Workshop!





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Awaken The Light Within You

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Learning with us

  • "Panic Energy Healing has become apart of our lives now. Paul is a great healer, teacher and now has become a great friend and we are truly grateful and blessed. Thank you, Paul."

    Brian, Dalby

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