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The Path to Arhatship

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The Path to Arhatship 

Please note to book your first step is to send your application form (included in the email) back to us and we will be in touch! 



What is The Path to Arhatship? Why is it so powerful? What does it do?

  • The word Arhat means “a perfected one,” or “a highly evolved being”. 
  • It is the Sanskrit equivalent to “Paramahamsa“. Arhat is the One who has achieved Spiritual Oneness with their Higher Soul or Atma. 
  • The word Yoga means ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite with’. 
  • Although we may be under the impression that yoga is a type of exercise, it is much more than that. The Path to Arhatship is an advanced Yoga system. 
  • This was given by Mahaguruji Mei Ling (also known as Guru Padmashambhava) to Mahatma Choa Kok Sui. Its origins are in many traditions, and it doesn’t require anyone to change their beliefs or religion. 
  • The system is a synthesis of the essence and powers of the 7 yogas: Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Laya/Kundalini yoga, Gnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga and simplified Hatha yoga.
  • You are given methods to develop the Love and the Will aspect of the Soul
  • You are given methods to accelerate the evolution of the Soul and accelerate the evolution of the Physical Body 
  • You are given methods to purify yourself physically, ethically, astrally (or emotionally) and mentally.
  • Methods to achieve deeper awareness 
  • Simply stated, you are given 7 methods of uniting and achieving Divine Oneness.



Spiritual Practices In The Path to Arhatship:

The preparatory level we practice:

  1. Planetary Meditation for Peace

  2. Meditation on the Atma (Awaken the Light)

  3. Kundalini Meditation

  4. Dhyan (Awareness) Meditation 

  5. Guru Yoga



Planetary Meditation for Peace helps in:

  • developing the love aspect of the soul. This is Bhakti Yoga* is to develop the Heart.  *(Bhakti Yoga is a term for Love or Devotion Yoga)



Meditation on the Atma* helps in:

  • This meditation gives the meditator the technique to reach a greater degree of alignment and a deeply satisfying connection with the Higher Soul

(*Atma means ’Higher’ Soul)



Kundalini Meditation helps in: 

a) Developing the Will aspect of the Soul 

b) Accelerating the evolution of the Soul 

c) Accelerating the evolution of the physical body. 

In this meditation, the practitioner gently and steadily awakens the Kundalini Energy. A special circulation of energy is done by combining Kundalini Energy with Divine Energy. 

The regular, systematic cleansing and energizing of the aura and chakras, give the chakras the ability to utilize large amounts of subtle energy & help to balance the chakras.  The result is our physical body can handle greater amounts of subtle energies. The brain & nervous system are able to register “higher” levels of consciousness and the practitioner has a great capacity to remember inner experiences. 



Dhyan Meditation helps in: 

  • The purpose of Dhyan is to develop the capacity for Prolonged Awareness.
  • This advanced meditation enables the practitioner to develop through the practice of prolonged Sensitivity or Awareness.
  • Regular practice of Dhyan Meditation allows the meditator to reach a state of deep inner calmness and inner stillness. Inner Stillness is not the ultimate objective. It is a stepping stone to greater inner activities. It leads to a state of inner peace, inner bliss, to becoming aware of their “true nature” and of their interconnectedness and oneness with all. 



Guru Yoga:

The Teacher is the ‘Spiritual Energy Transformer’ and is able to step down the energies for us, so we can easily use it for our evolution and to improve our life.

Aligning ourselves with the Higher Energies is a fast track to increasing our inner power. 



The Path to Arhatship also gives:

Practices and technologies utilizing the understanding of the Spiritual Cord, practices releasing old pain and baggage, using Words of Power, practices to develop the Mental Capacity, and much, much more…

Purification is a crucial element of the practitioner’s evolution. You are given methods to purify yourself physically, ethically, astrally (or emotionally) and mentally. This means you are able to advance with relative ease.  

After the purification, the chakras are activated in a secret sequence. This helps in awakening the Kundalini energy and circulates it throughout the body. It is the foundation for building the much coveted “Golden Body”.

As you move to a higher frequency, your Soul takes charge of your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. Your life becomes calm, not chaotic and you achieve Self-Mastery.

You simply become better within your life and within your spiritual tradition (if you have one) – a better Hindu, better Buddhist, better Christian, better Jew, better Muslim or better Taoist.

These techniques need to be practised regularly for two-three years or more before applying for the higher levels. A practitioner needs to dedicate approximately one hour or more every day. 




The Path to Arhatship applications are open. Please register your interest using the APPLICATION FORM and send the completed form to and we will be in touch. 

Prerequisite: Must have Minimum PEH Level 2 and APPLICATION FORM must be submitted for approval ASAP. 


Duration: 2.5 days

Dates: Friday 18th - Sunday 20th November (2.5 days) 


Full Price $550  - *Early Bird Discount $500 available until two weeks prior*. 

Cost Returning Student: $165 

** payment plans etc can be arranged please chat with us!



For those wishing to Advance their existing TPA practice to higher levels please contact us directly to discuss arrangements. 

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